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Eagle Travel Agency is Your Reliable Travel Partner in Eritrea, The land for all breathtaking tourist attractions and expeditions. Be it to mountain hiking, trilling scuba diving, archeological & historical excursion, stream railway tours, art-deco sight-seeing,….the list is enormous. We are here to provide you with reliable and quality travel and tour services to make your stay in Eritrea a worthwhile. Eagle Travel and Tour Services has been engaged in a number of tour related services for the last seven years in Asmara, Eritrea. Our dedicated and qualified staff work around the clock to coordinate tour and expedition packages especially tailored for individuals and groups. We also offer our customers affordable airfares for both domestic and international flights especially to Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America.
Eritrea, a land as old as time itself and yet as young as tomorrow. A land locked in a time capsule that left a fragrant history inspiring the world with remnants of outstanding lost civilizations as well as amazing land scape and enchanted underwater territory. A place where you can go back in time and feel alive then. Eritrea is a hidden treasure waiting to be revealed for excitement. If there is anyplace worth visiting, Eritrea is the one and Eagle is the best choice to take you there.

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Our motto is offering a world class service and win admiration of our customers.

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We are here to provide you with reliable and quality travel. Our dedicated and qualified staff work around the clock.



We are experts in harmonizing clearing and forwarding of goods with travel services and committed to meet your needs.

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